AVPerfect-Managed Services

AVPerfect Remote Management

Below is a list of design features which make AVPerfect a secure remote management solution: 

  1. AVPerfect sessions utilize the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) network protocols and related cryptography standards required by them. All network traffic between the AVPerfect cloud and network appliance is encrypted.
  2. Each AVPerfect session generates a new, unique public/private key pair used only for the duration of the session.
  3. AVPerfect sessions limit traffic to the originating WAN IP address. Once established, a AVPerfect session will refuse all traffic unless the source IP address matches the WAN IP address of the web browser requesting the session.  
  4. AVPerfect sessions are destroyed when no network traffic occurs for 5 minutes.

When speaking to IT staff who is concerned about security here are a few key points:

  1. Other methods of remote access such as VPN or LogMeIn are typically used for remote access. With these tools once a user is connected it is very hard to track what they did while inside the network. The AVPerfect system has audit trails to what device was access by each user.


AVPerfect Benefits and Security Whitepaper

According to a recent study, Americans waste over $38 billion dollars per year waiting for services such as cable compa­nies or furniture deliveries. The AVPerfect solution was designed to allow Electronic Systems Integrators to remotely monitor and service many of the entertainment and automation systems in your building. This approach can reduce the amount of money you spend on support and service of your system while also creating peace of mind that your equipment is functioning properly.


Other benefits of the solution include:

Reduced service costs

Increased performance and reliability

Increased efficiency and reduced time spent on malfunctions

More predictive scheduling

Minimized intrusive service visits

AVPerfect – Security Assessment


What Does AVPerfect DO?

  1. Monitors general health of devices (ie – memory, disk errors, online/offline, temperature)
  2. Logs history of this health
  3. Emails system integrators notifying them when health is poor
  4. Enables dealers to perform reboots of certain devices with proper credentials
  5. Logs any actions such as reboots and emails
  6. Requires dealers to use secure communications to log into the AVPerfect portal (HTTPS)


What DOESN’T AVPerfect do?

  1. Track personal information other than the optional site name and address, if provided
  2. Have visibility into browsing or watching habits
  3. Have access to personal computers or files
  4. Allow external access to the client site appliance
  5. Have the ability to control devices in a home automation system
  6. Allow any third party software to be installed on device (this eliminates virus or spyware)


The AVPerfect solution was designed with security as a top priority. The initial system was specifically engineered to allow the client site appliance to live behind the router and firewall to prevent any access to the device from outside the building.